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The Jewel of the Mediterranean

This year-round island has something for everyone – swim in warm azure waters, explore idyllic villages and temples, play alongside loved ones and rejuvenate with 5-star services that make this a world class destination!


The Castle

Paphos is a city rich in history and culture, a real gem of Western Cyprus. Believed to be the birthplace of the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty Aphrodite, Paphos proudly boasts the remains of villas, palaces, theatres, fortresses and tombs that belong to Classical Antiquity, including the Hellenistic and Roman periods. A site with such remarkable architectural and historical value is an asset to the city, and has been included in UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites as a natural and cultural treasure. Read more about this lovely city below.

Paphos Zoo

The Zoo is 10 min from Coral Bay. Animals live happily in natural settings with lakes, ponds and gardens. Check out the third largest bird collection in Europe, and animals from around the world. From ponies to giraffes, and monkeys to tortoises. Why not visit the children’s farm and pet cute bunny rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks and goats. Children’s birthday parties can be arranged at this park, as it is open all year round from 9 am until sunset.

Top 5 Beaches

With more than 340 days of sunshine a year, Paphos is the perfect place to explore beaches and sea life. Crystal clear water and plenty of both sandy beaches and cliffs mean something for everybody. Below you can find our recommendation for the top 5 beaches.

The most beautiful beaches of Cyprus

Coral Bay Beach
Coral Bay

Coral Bay is one of the most beautiful and sandy beaches in Paphos. It can be your home base for discovering places like the Troodos Mountains or fishing villages like Latchi and Polis. Some of the best hotels and restaurants are here and you can shop here for fish and local Cyprus delicacies. Just picture the Mediterranean glimmering in the night as you enjoy the view from a traditional taverna sipping a glass of local wine.

Coralia Beach

Behind the hotel Coralia you will find this hidden treasure, the most beautiful sandy beach in Paphos. Sparkling clear waters are excellent for swimming and snorkeling. There are sunbeds to rent, and also a hotel beach bar where you can enjoy a cold drink or some food.

Lara Bay

Lara Beach is also known as turtle beach and is famous for its turtle sanctuary which protects green and loggerhead turtles. Just north of Paphos in the Akamas Peninsula, the mountains meet the sea and one can roam around several miles of off-road paths. One can also catch a rare glimpse of a monk seal that is an endangered species. The ideal way to reach the beach is by boat, from Paphos to Lara.

Pachyammos Beach

Located along the Pachyammos Bay, this is one of the six beaches of Paphos that was awarded a Blue Flag based on environmental management criteria like sewage treatment, coastal planning and water quality. This narrow beach is popular among tourists due to its location and proximity to the city. The beach is run by the municipality of Paphos and has special facilities for the handicapped.

Latchi Beach

Latchi fishing village and its beach is located in the unspoilt Akamas Peninsula, 2 miles away from Polis. The beach is quiet and serene, away from the bustling city. Before becoming a popular tourist destination, the area was known for its natural sponges and is ideal for scuba diving and swimming. There are also a host of little tavernas and cafés along the shore, which of course specialize in seafood.

So much fun to do on this lovely island!

Paphos Cyprus
Aphrodite Water Park

Set within 35,000 square metres of natural, landscaped grounds, the park is at the far eastern end of the Kato-Paphos coastal road. A day out at the Aphrodite Water Park is a great way to spend quality time with the family. The place offers all sorts of entertainment and is bound to appeal to every generation. Packed with a variety of attractions, the park has a snack bar and lots of rides. The rafting ride is the biggest family rafting ride in Europe. A large, free car park in front of the water park makes access nice and easy. The ideal months to visit are between May and October.

Tours & Walks

The Paphos town walk, also known as strolling around Ktima, can be enjoyed every Tuesday for free. Organized by Paphos municipality in collaboration with CTO and the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association, the tour takes tourists to various archaeological sites dating back to the early Bronze Age. The tour aims to introduce tourists to Ktima and the evolution of its lifestyle from the late Byzantine and Medieval times until today. It offers a chance to see a variety of UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites such as the Mosaics, the Tombs of the Kings and the Temple of Aphrodite. This town walk is a great opportunity to become better acquainted with local life, and the general year-round atmosphere in Paphos and its continual cultural development.

Diving In Paphos

Paphos is an excellent choice for a diving holiday. Home to thousands of excellent diving spots such as underwater cliffs, valleys, coral colonies, and ancient shipwrecks, the city is surrounded by crystal clear waters. The absence of dangerous underwater currents makes this an ideal opportunity for taking deep dives. The city offers well established diving schools equipped with fully qualified instructors to welcome novice divers to take the plunge.

Akamas Jeep Safari

No holiday is complete without a jeep safari to the Akamas Peninsula. It is both a nature reserve and the most scenic corner of the island. Home to 168 species of birds, 12 mammals, 20 reptiles and 16 butterflies, this magical and unexplored countryside showcases the beautiful landscapes and coastal area. It is a jewel in the crown of Cyprus. When joining a safari, tourists can visit historic spots such as the birthplace of Aphrodite, Avakas Gorge, Lara Bay, Baths of Aphrodite and Polis.

Old Venetian Camel Trail

The camel trail is one of Paphos’ most action-packed activities. The Old Venetian Camel Trail takes you to the remote parts of the island while passing through Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery. The adventure-filled trip by jeep or enduro bike lasts for about half a day. The route crosses three ancient bridges, Kelephos, Elea and Roudia to the west. Legend says that these bridges were built to let pack animals, especially camels, to cross the river and trade copper from the Troodos mines to Paphos.

Paphos Karting Centre

Paphos Karting Centre is just a 5-minute walk from Paphos harbour. The floodlit track is the only bridge-and-tunnel track in Cyprus, and one of the biggest karting tracks in Europe. No need to book in advance to enjoy the thrilling tracks at Paphos Karting Centre. The centre also provides a snack bar, which offers food & drinks at the cafe.

Paphos Aphrodite Festival

Paphos Aphrodite Festival aims to promote Paphos as an international centre of high-profile cultural events. Planned by Pafos Aphrodite Festival Cyprus (PAFC), the festival welcomes music lovers to enjoy opera performances and immerse themselves in the world of music. Organized at the Medieval Castle Square in Paphos, the festival invites world-famous, internationally acclaimed companies to perform during the first weekend of September.

Paphos Byzantine Museum

Located in a medieval fort near Paphos harbour area, the Paphos Byzantine Museum showcases the city’s unique beauty and history. It has an interesting collection of artifacts from the Byzantine era, including icons ranging from the 12th to 18th centuries. The museum of St. Neophytos Monastery, the Byzantine Museum of Arsinoe, and the Omodos Museum all feature ecclesiastical treasures including icons, frescoes, manuscripts, woodcarvings, gold and silver covered gospels, and embroideries among which many artifacts can be traced back to the 7th and 8th century.