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CVR Concierge Service

You spend the greater part of your year. Of your life. Looking after others. So being a human Google search engine is just part of the job description, right? Wrong! Not for a few weeks. Or however long every year. Call it a vacation. Or call it a holiday. Call it a break. Whatever. For once, you want someone looking after you. And that’s where the CVR team and CVR Concierge Service are keen to make a difference for you.

If any one member of our team does most as your holiday host it’s our caring concierge. Concierge is French. Which I’m guessing you knew. Our service foresees your needs. And then makes sure we meet them. And we are hugely proud of the feedback we get on this part of out service. There’s no point renting a luxury villa without the service you need. From someone on the ground. Someone for whom no task is too small. No detail too minor.

So here’s what we want you to expect from our premium concierge service. First of all, you get a meet and greet the day after you arrive. So our concierge will show you around the villa. Of course,  they answer all you questions and show you how everything works. So no need to worry. Because everything is in hand.

Treat yourself!

Your host or hostess will help you with your holiday planning. They know where to go and what to do. So kind of like your own personal P.A. So you want to eat out. Then they know where. If you want to plan a day out, they can help you with that. Hey, they can even organise trips and outings. It’s no sweat. Quad biking. Boom! Boating. You’re welcome.

So I know what you’re thinking. How much do they charge for that? And the answer is… absolutely nothing. It is all part of the CVR Concierge Service. At any time during your stay just pick up the phone and help is on hand. We want you to feel special and looked after. Of course CVR stands for Cyprus Villa Retreats. But it also stands for Complete Vacation Rest. Why? Well, because no problem is too small for our team on the ground.

So when you fly to Aphrodite’s Isle we want you to feel the love. Treat yourself! And let us look after you. So we can turn your luxury holiday villa into a luxury holiday home. Yay!

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