Cyprus Holiday Villas

Cyprus Holiday Villas – February Guide

Bilbo Bloggins here! Today I thought we’d look at how to get totes most out of Cyprus holiday villas in February. Pafos 2017 is offering up a rich mix of art and architecture. So renting a Cyprus holiday villa in Paphos gives you extra holiday for your hard earned. I’m not saying you have to go all cultural on me. Lord no! There’s still plenty of time and sun for an early season chillax. But you might want to hop aboard for some free treats. Join the party!

Tours and Traces 

So starting Feb 1 the Tours and Traces train goes full steam ahead. You might want to check this out as they offer alternative tours for free. You can breeze along for the ride. Or you can confront development issues in contemporary Cyprus. Choose your own level of involvement. The tours range around Paphos city and the greater district. So it might a fun free way to get the lowdown on both town and country. Me I’m not a huge fan of straight up sightseeing. But this could be a different way of picking up on the local area. It runs all February so take your time.

Second Nature 

Another kick off event that runs all Feb. Second Nature interrogates the modern urban space. Now that might sound a bit arty in the main. But this project at the Municipal Garden in the Old Town promises a lot. Because it tries to combine nature and architecture. Hence second nature. I might head down there in Feb or March and have a look at the garden. Couples tie the knot here next to the Town Hall. So it might not be too full on. But a nice little side stop. And also an oasis of calm in a busy Euro Capital of Culture.

Michael Cacoyannis – Gazing at the Future

Now this one gets my goat! I read Zorba the Greek, it did the rounds on the kibbutz. And I fell in love immediately. Haven’t ever seen the 1964 film classic with Alan Bates and Anthony Quinn? Well go see it straight away. It rocks! So this exhibition is a must for fans. And even the uninitiated. Cacoyannis is world famous for Zorba. He even took the musical to Broadway. So expect some kicking visual material in this homage to the Greek filmmaker. A great little starter on an evening in town.

Cyprus Holiday Villas – February Guide

So there you have it. My top tips for totally free entertainment in Paphos in February. Most of the action centres around Paphos Old Town. So for those of you up round Coral Bay this is a walk away. Breeze into town. And get your fill of local culture. Making Paphos destination number one for Cyprus holiday villas. I know I’ll be down there this spring. Adios!