A boat trip

Boat Ride and Blue Lagoon

If you would like to feel the freedom of exploring the coastal line and discovering some hidden bays as well as visiting the famous Blue Lagoon, we recommend you to rent a boat for a half-day or a whole day.

The boat adventure starts in Latchi,  adorable little fisherman village approx 30 min drive from Coral Bay. We usually have our breakfast and cup of coffee before the road, while the paperwork and the boat get ready for us (20 min). And off we go!

Boat ride, sightseeing, swimming in the most crystal clear water you can imagine – The Blue Lagoon! Why not have a picnic on secluded beaches, more swimming, snorkelling. For the sporty ones, even water-sports like skiing, wakeboard or rings are available.

We highly recommend doing this adventure, and you get som much value for the money. We usually rent a boat at Latchi WaterSports, where we are always happy with the service and the boats.

If possible, try to schedule this trip for a weekday rather then weekend as it is less busy.