Arrival Information

Everything you need to know about your villa


Arrival Information

Welcome to Villa Sarah!

Here we will provide you with a step by step guide to easily access your Cyprus Villa Retreats holiday villa, and get you settled in as smoothly and quickly as possible.  Feel free to return to this page to review information as needed.

Please watch these videos, to get to know your villa.

Arrival & Entering your villa

Be sure to have your key box code with you.

Please look after the keys carefully and leave them in the lock box when you are not in the villa.

Always scramble the numbers of the lock box, even when it is empty.

Start your holiday

All of our villas are equipped with everything you need to get started. Please refer to the Villa Handbook for specific information about your villa.

Using your villas electrics

Cyprus has some unusual electric habits, if you are not used to it. Power tripping/outages and waiting for hot water on cloudy days are simply a way of life here.
Please watch this video carefully to make your Holiday a trouble free one. If you still cannot get hot water or power, please let us know!

Hot Water and Showering

Sunny Cyprus has solar panels that heat your hot water on a constant basis. If it is a particularly cloudy or rainy day, you need to use the Electric Water Heater for your hot water.

Even on sunny days, if you have run out of hot water from the tank, you may need to boost a bit for the next tank full.

Sarah sign 1

Directions to Villa Sarah

Directions to Villa Sarah cannot be followed on Goggle Maps. The road to Villa Sarah does not exist on the map.

Set your Google Map to Sonny's Restaurant, then follow the map below. From Sonny's, you will see the first sign across the street. Turn onto this road AWAY from the sea.

Sarah sign 2

As you drive up the hill, you will see another sign to TURN RIGHT.

Sarah sign

Follow this road all the way until it curves you sharp to the left, then Villa Sarah is in front of you, with another sign.

If we can be of any assistance now or anytime during your stay, then please send an email to [email protected] (normally responded to within 2 hours).

Or if assistance is required more urgently (emergency, such as no water or no power), call our Property Management Team on 00357 99 80 39 40.

Wishing you an amazing stay, enjoy!

With sunny greetings,
The Team of Cyprus Villa Retreats

Holiday villa in Cyprus


Holiday villa in Cyprus
Holiday villa in Cyprus