coral bay

Coral Bay

Holiday hub

Coral Bay is a premium holiday destination around the bay of the same name, and contains some of the region’s best beaches.

Coral Bay Strip

The Coral Bay Strip stretches down from the main coast round to its beaches and is home to a wide range of bars and restaurants, shops and amenities.

Fish and chips

The Ocean Basket at the very top is a Cypriot take on the classic British fish and chips, and has become a Coral Bay classic.

Italian bistro

Trattoria La Vigna also up at the top offers classic Italian cuisine in a lovely setting. And a good children’s menu for feeding the little ones.

Free grocery delivery

But it you want to chill at the villa then Phillippos supermarket is just along the coast road. They even offer free delivery!

Al fresco dining

Order readymade kebabs from the meat counter, feta, tzatziki, dolme, humus and dips from the deli. Pitta from the bakery, and watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh greens for a perfect Cypriot grilled feast.

Best beaches

At the bottom of the strip are three top notch beaches. Laourou Beach is small, quiet and very clean. Next is the famous Coral Bay Beach.  Then if you keep on going you’ll get to Coralia Beach.

coral bay beach
coral bay