Cyprus Autumn Weather – Second Summer?

Cyprus Autumn Weather

So we all know why we call autumn the fall. It’s because temperatures fall and so do our spirits. So we get ready for dark mornings and dank nights. But no more! Autumn in Cyprus is a cracker. It’s like a second summer, but better than the first. We think the fall is the best time to perk yourself up with some dusky Med heat. So treat yourself to some of that Cyprus autumn weather.

Cyprus Autumn Weather in September

So let’s be clear about this. Sunny September is still summer down in the Med. Because the average temps are still up in the thirties. And then the sea is still warm from the sultry summer months. We think Super September is one of the best month’s to head south. The sea is a delight at 26°C. So enjoy your very own Indian summer on Aphrodite’s Isle.

Cyprus Autumn Weather in October

So where do you head for school half term? You want some sunshine. But you don’t want to fly half way around the world. Well, look no further as Cyprus autumn weather kicks proverbial behind. So we’re talking high twenties for temps and the sea still nice and warm at mid twenties. And with low budget airlines flying to the Isle of the Goddess of Love you know you’ll get a good deal!

Cyprus Autumn Weather in November

The word on the street says November still rocks in the Med. So temperatures aren’t as high, we know that. And also the sea is not really swimmable unless you’re made of stern stuff. But November offers a welcome break from the winter dark. And takes you to a land still bathed in light. The sun may not be as strong with temps hitting seasonal highs of 19°C. But there’s plenty of other things to do away from the sun loungers!

Check out the average monthly temperatures here.

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