Cyprus Spring Weather

Cyprus Spring Weather

Cyprus spring weather lifts the heart. Then it sets the soul free. Free of the drudge and the drear of home. And into the burgeoning spring of the stunning Med. So forget the number 128 bus to Heathcote Road. And also leave behind the Northern Line! Especially the Southern Rail Express to London Victoria. God forbid! Because in the Med the spring warmth awaits you.

Cyprus Spring Weather in March

Spring is come! March is the herald of heart summer days. So the daylight hours lengthen. And then temperatures are rarely less than 19-20°C. It is the sweetest time of year. Wild flowers whisper of summer. So see enchanting wood anemones and cyclamen. This is time to walk out in nature. Out in the verdant spring.

Cyprus Spring Weather in April

Forget April showers, come to Cyprus for April heat. The days are warm with temps reaching up to 24°C. That’s summer to you and me! While others are squeezing in their last ski of the season. You and me can head to the sun. Easter holidays mean the kids have one or two weeks off school. And although the water is still a cool 18°C. So only for the brave or battle hardened. There’s plenty to do instead of those school projects!

Cyprus Spring Weather in May

Summer is coming! So May in Cyprus is the first real taste of summer. And although it’s not as hot as the long summer months. It can still reach 30°C. And even the water’s a swimmable 20°C. On average you get a day when it rains in Cyprus in May. All the beach bars and restaurants are in full swing. So pack something warm for those late evenings. Then pop in the bathing suit. Because fortune favours the brave!

Check out the average monthly temperatures here.

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