Cyprus Weather Summer

Summer is here in Cyprus!

Cyprus in the Summer is HOT HOT HOT! And boy is it an old-school summer. Temps can soar to the mid-thirties and the water is in the mid-twenties. This is what you can expect from the Summer monthly in Cyprus.

Cyprus Weather in June

June packs a punch in the weather department. While Northern Europe can be struggling in the mid to high teens, Cyprus weather turns it up to the low to mid-thirties. Head up to the mountains for some light relief. Then the temps can settle at a cool 25°C. But down by the coast, it’s full-on summer. So hit the beach with a vengeance. You’ve been warned!

Cyprus Weather in July

Bring it on! So July will have you crying for a sea breeze. And not just the alcoholic kind. Temps inland can hit a baking 37°C. So you’ll be glad your luxury holiday villa hugs the coast. The afternoons can be too hot to handle. And even the sea is super warm at more than 25°C. So bring a bikini and a vat of suncream. Because you’re going to need it.

Cyprus Weather in August

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter. Yes, in August temperatures peak in the high thirties. So you’ll be glad of the shade your private pool offers. Even the evenings are warm and balmy. So then the sea is literally like a heated pool at a silky 28°C. For the serious sun seekers, August is a surefire month for soaking up those rays. And because it’s Cyprus, the weather is guaranteed. So let’s do this thing!

Check out the average monthly temperatures here.

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