Tomb of the Kings

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Tomb of the Kings

Now there’s no end to what you can do in Cyprus. Paphos promises so many treats. But perhaps one of the creepiest sounding is the Tomb of the Kings. But fear not! The ancient tombs are a World Heritage Site. And also unique to Paphos. Spoiler alert! The tombs never did house more than ordinary folk. So it’s definitely a case of false advertising. But that didn’t stop grave robbers looting the catacombs. Just like more royal resting places.

Houses of the Dead
The Egyptians believed that the houses of the dead. Should resemble those of the living. And it’s the Near Eastern influence. Which makes the burial chambers of Nea Pafos quite the historical catch. In fact, the wild and tumbledown tombs would not look out of place in Star Wars. So think the Skywalker subterranean abode on Tatooine. It’s a great spot for young and old. The little ones can let off some steam. While you soak up some ancient history. It’s called the Tomb of the Kings because of its grandeur. But they don’t ask a royal sum for entry. Which is a real find at less than three Euros. Unlike the graves, you won’t feel robbed! Check out the reviews on Trip Advisor.

Soak up some ancient history
So go prepared with plenty of water. It may offer shade in its underground atrium. But it’s not too commercial. So bring what you need. And also look out for your littlest treasures. As the site has many pitfalls. And we don’t want any unexpected surprises. We also warmly recommend buying a guidebook. Or make sure dad has done his homework. Because the Tomb of the Kings is a trip to the other side. Happy hunting!

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