Boat Rental

Discover Cyprus and all it has to offer

Boat rental in amazing Latchi, our #1 recommendation!

When you want to do something really fun, amazing and unforgettable during your holiday, we highly recommend you to rent a boat at the small fisher place Latchi and discover the breathtaking beauty of the lagoons (like the Blue Lagoon), the views on the 0cean and the mountains and the turquoise water.

For us going out on a boat is our number #1 favourite activity, which we do whenever we have a moment free in our busy schedules ? So start the day by making the lovely road trip from your villa through the wine valleys and mountains (approximately a 25 minutes drive), to Latchi, an adorable little fishing village. Have a coffee in the harbour and watch the village slowly wake up. Because this is a stress-free zone.

Self Drive Boat Rental
Discover the amazing coastline of Cyprus with the many beautiful lagoons like the ‘Blue Lagoon’ and treat yourself and your party for an unforgettable day of fun on the water. Start the day by taking the lovely trip to Latchi, an adorable little fishing village. You can choose to either drive yourself (only a car driving licence needed) or with a captain if you prefer. There are also organised guided tours, as well as sunset or fishing cruises.

How to reserve your boat

For boat rental enquiries please reach out directly to Latchi Waterports Centre
Phone: 00357 26322095 or 00357 96603611
E-mail: [email protected]

Some Tips
Book a boat at the start of your holiday since you can only go out on the boat when the weather on the ocean allows you to do so. This means it can be the most amazing weather at your villa, but it can be to windy on the ocean in Latchi to go out that day. So book at the beginning, latest midst of your holiday so you can postpone it a day or so later if need be.

Call in the morning of the day you reserved the boat to the boat rental company, to ensure the weather is approved so you don’t make your early start and drive for nothing ?
The boat rental company will (complimentary) provide you with a cool box, so you can take snacks and drinks on board.

Most boats have a ‘jack’ to connect to your phone to play music on the boat and the bigger boats might have a toilet.

Although it is hot, bring a sweater! On the ocean it can be cooler and you do not want to get cold.

Bring towels, water and plenty of suntan lotion, although most boats have a sun screen, you can be exposed to a lot of sun.