Quad Biking

Discover Cyprus and all it has to offer

Quad Biking in Cyprus

Now unless you grew up on a farm. You might not know the raw power of a quad. Because these things have more muscle than Jean-Claude Van Damme. And he’s the muscles from Brussels for christ’s sakes! So for our more adventurous souls, this could be right up your street. But of course off road. Because quad biking is a fab way to let off some steam. While getting up close and personal with the Akamas peninsula.

For quad bike rental enquiries please reach out to our Hospitality Manager Angela and call or What’s App her on 00357 – 97 67 39 80 or email [email protected]

Akamas Park Cyprus
So Acamas was a Greek warrior who came here from the Trojan War. And his love of discovery lives on. Today it’s an area of natural beauty where three continents meet. The Akamas is home to 35 of Cyprus’s 142 endemic plant species. So even botanists are in for a field day. And then there’s the wildlife! Animal lovers can see bats, snakes, chameleons, green and loggerhead turtles. And wild mouflon, the goat-like creature that’s on the national flag.
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Birders Paradise Paphos
Of course, birders will love to stick their beak in this lot. There’s a strong population of Bonelli’s eagles. Which is the only eagle species that breeds in Cyprus. And even us rank amateurs will love this expanse of untouched nature. A bit like Tom Hanks in Shipwrecked, you’ll get the feel of going back to nature. Because there’s enough to get lost in here.
Check out Bonelli eagles! And some cracking film footage. I’m sorry, Wilson!

The Aphrodite Trail
So hook up on the Aphrodite trail. From the Baths of Aphrodite to the Blue Lagoon. It all ends at Lara Beach. Nesting grounds for green and loggerhead turtles. Listen out for David Attenborough’s voice. “Here, for millions of years the baby turtles have come. To the very same beach, year after year. To lay their eggs.” Sir David himself would strongly approve. So show respect in case the great man himself is behind the nearest dune.
Check out the Blue Lagoon! See Sir David live! #loggerheadturtles.

Four wheels are better than two
It’s official. Especially while taking on some tough terrain. Rough and easy riders may apply. So make the most of what Aphrodite’s Isle has to offer. To rent your quad bike we recommend the little shop on the Coral Bay strip. Next to the La Vigna. The prices are good and staff is professional. And they can take you for guided safaris. Or just give you recommendations where to go and what to see. And there is plenty of that!