Fikardos Winery Paphos

Beer is made by men, wine by God

Fikardos Winery in Paphos

So you can’t spend every day on the beach! Or can you? Because another corking way to spend the day is a visit Fikardos Winery Paphos.  And when it comes to Cyprus wine, Paphos gives you bang for your buck. So if you want to experience “wine from the vine” where do you go? To the Fikardos Winery Paphos of course. Because it is one of the first privately owned wineries in all Cyprus. So take a trip to the village of Mesogi. Then sample the results of years of skill and dedication. And also their beautiful wines. And wine not?

The Grapes of Wrath

Beer is made by men, wine by God. Or so said Martin Luther. Of course, Paphos has been making superb wines since ancient times. Which sounds about right for Aphrodite’s Isle. The Fikardos Winery Paphos uses traditional varieties of grape. But also newer ones such as Mataro, Cab Sav and of course Chardonnay. All of which grow high up in the nearby villages. So try and keep your head! Because as the old saying goes. In vino veritas: in wine there’s truth. We all know Greek gods enjoyed a tipple or two! But have you got the bottle?

How many green bottles?

So with over 10 labels Fikardos produces 250,000 bottles of wine yearly. Which is a fair fill of plonk! And as Cyprus wines gain more attention on the world wine web. You might like to take a trip up to the vineyards. Why? Well, the winery offers you a chance to let it breathe. So head up to the hills. And enjoy a free wine tasting and tour.  For sure you will be taking some home with you! What more could you want?