Supermarkets in Cyprus


Supermarkets in Cyprus

While we offer you a Welcome Package of food and drinks on your arrival, it is always nice to know where you can buy your groceries. To get the best out of our villas and your stay. There are plenty of small grocery shops, bakeries, and kiosks on every corner. And we encourage you to support small businesses and local suppliers. But large groups need to stock up on groceries at supermarkets. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will all be enjoyed at your CVR villa. So enjoy the best produce the island has to offer.

Every Lidl helps

You will have noticed at the airport that Lidl are in Cyprus. Lidl has taken Europe by storm. And you’ll find one en route from Paphos Airport. Nice. It’s a 20-30 minute drive from most of our villas, but is en route for Paphos so can be combined with an evening there. They have huge hoardings advertising their fifteen stores on the island. So that’s also a good option. Lidl’s on the main road towards Paphos

Marks & Spencers!

But if you’re really missing that quintessential taste of Britain do not fear. For Mark & Spencers are here. Sometimes Cyprus feels like Little Britain in the Med. And never more than when popping into M&S in Paphos city centre.

Paphos Old Town Market

The Old Market or agora in Paphos Old Town is an excellent place to head for food shopping in general, but more specifically all the produce the region has to offer. Make an evening of it in the Old Town. Or get here early to snap up the best of what the day has to offer.

Carrefour, Kings Avenue Mall

This super modern construction has a Carrefour in it. Say no more! It’s a bit far afield from most of the villas but can happily be combined with a trip to the mall or an evening in Paphos.

With all the Supermarkets in Cyprus all your needs covered!

Philippos Supermarkets

Philippos in Peyia is the best local option. It has an excellent bakery, deli, fruit & veg, and booze to lose. So you’ll want to go all supermarket sweep in here.
Staying at one our Cyprus Villas you’ll want to make the most of the authentic al fresco dining — Cyprus style. The villas all have kickass kitchens with moreish bean-to-cup coffeemakers. There are terraces, balconies and outside seating. So you enjoy lots of little holiday moments from morning coffee to a nightcap. For most of us, that means stocking up on all the island has to offer. And that’s where the very super Philippos Supermarket comes in.

Fruit & Veg
You’ll have noticed straight away that the Cyprus climate is a grower’s heaven. With banana plantations, fruit groves, and lovely summer veg. It’s fresh. It’s simple. And it’s hard to beat. Personally, I’m pretty happy anywhere the tomatoes and cucumbers are good. Add on fresh fruit and you’ve got super healthy and super good! Fruit and veg are on the right as you go into Philippos. The perfect place to start. Oh, and don’t forget to check what’s growing at the villa. Most CVR properties have lemon and lime trees, orange and mandarin, even bananas.

We also love this region for its baking, its bread, and succulent sweet pastries. Past fruit & veg you’ll find the bakery with its aroma of freshly baked bread. I love Cypriot pitta bread. It’s thick and fluffy, more like leavened bread. But you’ll also get rustic dark loaves of rye for example. To go with coffee or mint tea you might like to try the Cypriot take on baklava. Filo pastry, honey, pistachios and lots of yum. As Homer says: Mmm!

From Deli to Belly
Towards the center at the back of the store, you’ll find the deli where you can stock up on meze. Perfect for snacks, aperitifs or the beach. You’ll want pitta bread from the bakery to mop up pots of humous, tsatsiki, potato salad and dolme. You’ll want to prime your dishes with fresh lemon and lime from the villa garden. Serve with local wines. An absolute must to get that island feel.

Meat & Fish
While there are plenty of veggies like courgettes, peppers, and halloumi that go well on the grill, most of you will go traditional and opt for meat & fish. All our properties have BBQs for traditional grilled dishes like pork or chicken souvlaki. And some even have traditional wood-fired ovens for slow roasting dishes such as kleftico. Accompany with fresh bread, greek salad, meze and local wines for an “on point” lunch or dinner.

Pick up all your BBQ requirements from one of the many Supermarkets in Cyprus.