Find your holiday Airbnb Paphos

Find your holiday Airbnb Paphos

Airbnb Paphos – Mediterranean holidays

Views, beach, and sun filled days

Paphos has so much to offer as part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, with its historical sites, ideal climate, wonderful cuisine and of course, breathtaking beaches and views. Spending quality time is Cyprus is what we are all about. To make sure your experience whilst in Paphos is excellent, choosing where to stay will greatly impact your vacation time. There are various accommodation types to choose from, whether you have a smaller budget or wants to go all out and live the luxurious lifestyle. Choosing an accommodation that suits your budget and needs and stay close to everything you are interested in is our priority.

Due to its small size, Paphos is easily accessible and can walk everywhere and you only need to take public transport to explore nearby villages and towns. As a beach holiday, it is hard to choose between accommodations since there are so many great options. Most people prefer to stay in the new center of the town, Kato Paphos, where you will find all major attractions like the Aphrodites Rock, where the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite emerged from, the Tomb of Kings, located in the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, beautiful beaches such as Coral Bay, one of the most popular beaches due to its soft white sand and clear waters, and a large option of restaurants and cafes to choose from, offering local Cypriot food or international to cater to all tastes. However, when looking to stay on the older part of Paphos, a great choice is Ktima, where you will be able to spot and talk to locals and receive the authentic Cyprus experience.

If you are just passing through Paphos and has one night only in this charming town, make sure to stay in Mousallas, where you will be immerged in history and culture whilst strolling through the streets. Aiming for a quiet beach holiday? Then take a look at Chloraka, considered to be one of the nicest and coolest areas and it is only located at about 10-minute drive from the centre of Paphos. A short drive from Kato Paphos to Yeroskipou will deliver a romantic getaway vibe with culture, beaches, and great bars.

Amenities in an apartment fit for a king
There is no need to sacrifice comfort when choosing your accommodation

This popular destination is great for both families and young couple or group of friends, with an option that brings together everything you might need from modern villas with facilities and amenities, kitchens in most apartments and villas, entertainment for every age like ping pong tables, computer games, TV, and in some cases children playgrounds complete with swings and slides.

When booking your next holiday, make sure to check for certain amenities if you are specifically looking for them, or contact our team to help you find the perfect rental for your needs. Our ratings range from Bronze, which are simple and affordable villas that fit to every budget, delivering a first-class holiday at a smaller price. The Silver ratings include everything from the bronze with a little something extra special, like a stunning view and more space to live in whilst still being very good priced. Upgrading to the Gold will certainly deliver a grand holiday experience with incredible views, excellent location and closeness to local attractions, shops, restaurants, and beaches, making it a great choice for a relaxed time in Paphos. And lastly, our Platinum rating, which is the definition of luxury living in Cyprus, with extremely private and exclusive high-end villas with views one could only dream of, full on service team and incredible amenities and facilities.

Your peaceful Airbnb holiday is one click away
The only hard decision will be which one to choose from

All Airbnb apartment or villa rental options are a great place to stay, with most of them having the basic amenities, however there are certain additional services that you might be interested in that make your holiday even more special. As a standard, most villas provide fridge and freezer, heating, sunbeds, coffee machine, music player, flat TV screens, dishwasher, and others. But you can always upgrade to make your time in Paphos much more enjoyable, such as entertainment units, with Netflix and WIFI throughout the whole property, a PlayStation or Wii, table tennis, foosball table and so much more.

If you consider yourself to be a foodie, then choosing an in-villa catering with a gourmet chef is what you need. If you want to invite friends over for a dinner party or celebrate a special occasion, on call catering is there to fit your requirements. When staying in Paphos for a relaxing time, there are many great wellness and spa and beauty treatment packages to choose from, from hairdressers, manicures to a relaxing massage. There are also properties available with hot tubs and heated pools to upgrade your relaxation goal. And lastly, if you are looking to get some alone time to rest or spend time with your partner, there are babysitting and childcare services to look over your little one while you have a great time.

Paphos is a must when deciding your holiday destination, where guests find everything, they could want in one location. With an average of 326 days of sunshine, there is always the ideal accommodation for every traveler, whether you are visiting with your family or a group of friends. There are activities and amenities for all ages and interests. Renting an apartment or villa will deliver a more flexible holiday, with peace and quiet that would be hard to have in a large hotel with numerous people around. To get away from noisy neighbors, choosing to rent an accommodation will be more satisfactory as a holiday villa is much larger than a hotel room, with fully equipped kitchen, it gives you the freedom of choosing your own flight times and car hires, private pool for only you and your guests, delivering that relaxing time during your holiday. The villas and other private accommodations are ideal for families, friends, couples, weddings, and reunions, bringing together the people you love in one incredible location. Get in contact with our team to book your next holiday villa in Paphos.