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Do you have a private villa with a pool in Cyprus you’d like to rent out? Or a villa you’d like to rent out only for specific days a year when you are not using it?

Don’t leave your villa sitting empty when it could be working for you and earning money! Do not worry about any hassle, maintenance costs or being tied up in red tape, just speak to us!

We are Cyprus Villa Retreats, a luxury holiday villa company. We guarantee you the best possible rent anyone in Cyprus will be able to offer you. We also offer you the option to have your villa looked after by our highly trained staff. 

Contact us today to find out about renting your villa with us with no obligation, hassle, or pressure!

What makes us successful?

- We only operate and are therefore specialised in holiday villa rental in Cyprus.

- We own part of our portfolio of villas, so as owners/directors, we understand the needs of our partners and we are highly motivated to achieve the best rental revenue for ours and our partners' villas.

- We invest between Euro 400,000 and Euro 500,000 in marketing and sales per year to make sure we get a high volume of enquiries and the best possible holiday rental clients.

- We have everything in-house, meaning we have our own office in Coral Bay, our own laundry, our own warehouse, our own maintenance, cleaning and management team, securing the best possible service & quality for our guests.

- We have an international holiday rental sales team (multi-lingual) of 6 people (including Russian), 7 days a week 24 hours a day, ensuring a real person always picks up the phone to speak to our guests.

- The same applies to customer service and aftersales support.

- We score an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars as reviews on both Google and Facebook, and a 4,7 out of 5 on Air BnB, securing our spot as the premier holiday rental company in Cyprus.

The benefits of this are clear, despite the Covid pandemic, we have managed to achieve an average of 90% occupancy on ALL our holiday rental villas throughout the months Cyprus was open.



**Only applicable for villas that are in a 0-15 minutes driving radius of Coral Bay**

We take care of the maintenance of the villa, the pool, the garden, guest contact, the bookings, taxes, administration, payments, property management, welcome packs, cleaning of the villa, laundry of linen and towels, guests contact, meet & greet, 24-hour sales and support, etc.

We will do our utmost to create the highest possible revenue due to our excellent marketing, reputation, reviews and excellent service.

The owner brings in the villa and only pays for the utilities and the garden maintenance.

All revenue of every booking (minus 9% VAT that needs to be paid to the Cyprus VAT authorities) will be split between the owner and us (percentage to be discussed and variable per property). Where we differ from other parties by generating the highest revenues due to the excellent service we provide and price strategy we apply ;)


**Applicable for villas that are in a 0-25 min driving radius of Coral Bay**

If you prefer to do your own villa, pool and garden maintenance, your own cleaning and your own laundry, we offer the same excellent services as the above package, but with a higher % of revenue to be paid to the owner.

We will still do our utmost to generate the highest revenue and maximum number of bookings, and take care of the administration, payments, and paying taxes, and we will take care of ALL guest contact. So we will do the meet & greet at the villa and when the guests have any problem with the villa, they will contact us first and we will do our utmost to take care of it.


**Applicable for ANY villa in Cyprus**

We send you high-quality bookings, we will handle the marketing, sales and booking, whilst you take care of the booking fulfilment and everything else, there is up to a 20% flat introductory fee (per booking) for this service. For this, we will bring quality, UK, Western European and Russian high-end holiday rental clients.

To take advantage of this service we do ask that you ensure the guest's expectations are met and you provide a high level of service to the customer throughout their stay.

Estimated financial overview on a typical year:


3 bed EURO 45,000 – 85,000 revenue per year

4 bed EURO 55,000 – 110,000 revenue per year

5 bed EURO 65,000 – 150,000+ revenue per year

We are the number one operator and holiday rental brand in Cyprus and can achieve maximum rents for your villa due to our massive market presence and dominance of ranking in Google and other search engines.  We’re here for the long term and continuously invest heavily in marketing and branding and customer service to ensure we are always able to achieve TOP rents from QUALITY holiday tenants for your property.  

Please contact us for more details and/or a tailor-made offer for your villa
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