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Holiday Villa Cyprus – the Beautiful South

It’s blog time! And today I want to check out where to go in Cyprus. Where do you book that winning villa? Well, I said location, location, location. So let’s look at the obvious choices. Because Cyprus boasts three super south coast destinations. And one difficult choice to make in 2017. So before you settle on a holiday villa Cyprus. Let’s look at three main towns on the south coast of sunny Cyprus.


Limassol is south Cyprus’ main port. So it offers plenty of hustle. Then the old quarter oozes charm. So the great and the good head here. As do various charter companies. Because Limassol is an urban holiday destination. Come here for a townie beach, tons of nightlife and shopping. That’s why it’s a favourite for all inclusive hols. The city life tempo merges with plenty of Cyprus history. From Roman ruins to a Frankish stronghold. Limassol has culture befitting its years.


So that’s where Ayia Napa is, innit? And, yes, you’d be right. Lanarca is most def Cyprus party central. So for the young and the willing this is definitely a place to make a beeline for. Boom! But fair’s fair. Larnarca has more to offer than just “house music all night long”. The town of Lanarca has a posh new waterfront. And a massive new cruise ship terminal will soon follow. Look to the East and the Lanarca region offers lovely coastlines and sweeping countryside.


And then there’s Paphos. Home of Aphrodite. Goddess of love. Paphos is a relative newcomer as a holiday destination. But as European Capital of Culture 2017 all that is about to change. The rookie is about to top the bill. As Paphos throws a year long party for culture and the arts. The West is the best. Or so the cry goes. Paphos is a British stronghold. It offers ultimate chill at the southwest tip of the island. But this year the most relaxing of Cyprus resort towns is throwing a year long party. So bring your glad rags. It’s party time!

Holiday Villa Cyprus

Now all of our coastal resorts offer a broad palette of delights. That’s for sure! But have we learnt anything? Well, I’d say Limassol boasts big-town adventure including plenty of nightlife and shopping. While Lanarca is just a taxi ride from party capital Ayia Napa. Paphos is the British home of westside chill. But be warned this year. As the levee is about to break. Pafos 2017 here we go. So perhaps get a rental car and check out the whole beautiful south. But pick your villa location carefully. Happy hunting!