Homes for Rent in Cyprus

Homes for Rent in Cyprus

Homes for Rent in Cyprus

Merry Blogmas! Wow! The year is fair charging ahead. Is it Pancake day next week? And then Lent? And then Easter? I’m looking forward to a bit of sun to be honest. I’m going to be heading down to Cyprus soon. So I thought I’d look at some of the types of homes for rent in Cyprus. There’s the classic urban apartment, the holiday villa, and the rustic holiday cottage. I’m going to give you a quick potted guide to some of the ins and outs of homes for rent in Cyprus.

The Apartment

An apartment can often be advertised as exactly the same thing as villa. But that’s mostly not the case. Holiday apartments might be managed as part of a larger complex. Or even a privately owned villa divided into apartments. What they all share in common is one thing. Shared space. It might hit the spot price wise. Which is not surprising because they often are cheaper. But apartments do generally mean one thing. Living with neighbours. Now that does not have to be a bad thing. And a lot of groups without kids might find this an advantage. If you are going to go down this road, make sure you do your homework. What do words like “private” and “secluded” mean. Are there shared areas and if so what? I often used to take the kids to these kinds of accommodation when they were small. The shared space could be a plus when other kids mean quiet time for mummy and daddy.


The Villa

The holiday villa generally offers the promise of complete seclusion. In varying degrees of course. The idea is that you have your own space. Your own private holiday. And with the explosion of private rentals through online portals. Well, these types of properties have undergone a boom! There’s more and more choice. And more and more price levels. But you need to pay particular attention to what you get for your Euro. These properties may often work well for more than one family. Personally, I rent out an old church tucked away in the wilds of the north. It’s the perfect spot for two families or large groups. It even works well for events. Like birthdays or celebrations of the larger kind. Whatever the occasion. Lots of holiday villas work well with this market. Shared space and shared costs. It’s a good way to upgrade. While those with serious wonga can afford to go the whole hog and book it on their own.


The Cottage

I went to a trullo in Puglia in southern Italy a few years back. Beautiful to look at. Beautiful to be around. But, let’s be honest, a bit damp on the inside. Converted cottages or rustic dwellings of all kinds are definitely on the up. I myself rent out a property that is a picture postcard to look at, but a requires commitment beyond that of your average holidaymaker. I guess you buy into the aesthetic of the place. And that can work well. But think through what converting into a modern holiday home may mean. I’ll go into this in more detail next time. This format may favour the adventurer rather than the chillaxer.


The Conclusion

So there you have it! A quick introduction to some of the choices at hand. I’m thinking about Cyprus here. And there are many different types of homes for rent in Cyprus. Do you want to be in the thick of it? Do you want to have your very own space? Or are you up for a sense of adventure? Whatever you choose. Wherever you go. Drop me a line and let me know how you got on. Now blog off!

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