Luxury holiday villas in Coral Bay

Luxury holiday villas in Coral Bay

Coral bay has everything to offer

From the beautiful Mediterranean coastline to full day activities

Once a secluded location, Coral Bay has become one of best beaches to travel to, attracting both families and the young crowd due to what it has to offer. With its golden thin sands and clear waters, Coral Bay beaches stretch across the Papho´s coastline, offering calm, knee deep water and plenty of loungers and parasols on sand which makes it popular family holiday makers looking to kick back and enjoy a relaxing time. The calm waters also make it great for watersports seekers, where you can book waterskiing, windsurfing, or diving equipment. Rent a boat for a day cruise and you might even be lucky enough to spot some sea turtles swimming about. After a sun filled day at the beach, you can walk to the numerous restaurants and cocktail bars which are located just behind the beach. If you venture yourself for a quick trip a little further on the coast, you can find the Sea Caves, which are natural rock caves formed by wave erosion, which makes it a perfect location for snorkeling and renting scuba diving equipment for an adventure filled day.

Holiday in Coral Bay will deliver much more than a perfect beach view, but also luxury shopping experiences, ranging from local artisanal crafts to well-known jewelry brands, a mouthwatering culinary option for every taste and plenty of alcohol filled cocktail bars and clubs on the main strip for the younger crowd, offering live music and DJs until the sunrise. Min-golf, watersports and go karting activities can all be found within the coral bay area and only a 10-minute drive, you can find the Paphos Zoo and Horse riding stables, making it a fantastic daytime activity for all ages.

Villas and views for every guest

Stay in private villas with the best views

The popular beaches in Coral Bay provides great activities and to top off an amazing holiday, make sure to book a private villa or a resort with the best location, whether that is near the beach or near the center of the town. There is a room with a view for every holiday maker. Guests can opt to stay in resorts that provides all types of activities for every age. The resort centre offers a large number of shops, bars, restaurants for both local and international tastes, local crafts, making it a great location to stay. Enjoy a lazy sun soaking day at the clear waters with your children, where they can play by the water, and you can relax knowing there are lifeguards available looking out for them. Close to the stunning Coral Bay, you can book a day trip to the charming village of Peyia, where you can find the ideal location to experience the Greek Cypriot cuisine. Then return to your villa where you can enjoy the rest of the amenities that surrounds you. You have access to Latchi Beach, which is a small stretch of beach with shallow waters, making it ideal for water paddling for all ages and also the famous Pissouri Bay, which has deeper waters, making it popular for the water sports adrenaline seekers. Finish the day by travelling to St Georges, a fishing area where you can experience perfect Mediterranean sunset views and later dine in one of the local gastronomic taverns.

If you are into golf, when booking your villa, make sure to ask about the surrounding golf courses in Coral Bay, as there are 4 golf courses available to guests, them being the Minthis Golf Course, Secret Valley Golf Course, Aphrodite Hills Golf Course and the Elea Golf course, in which all of them are located within a short 30-minute drive.

Get in contact with your historian self

Coral Bay is more than only perfect beaches

It does not matter if you are travelling with your family or with a group of friends or partner, Coral Bay also offers activities for those interested in the historical side of this Mediterranean paradise. Visit a fortified settlement of the late Bronze Age on a small peninsula called Maa Palaiokastro Archaeological Site, which is located around 13 kilometers northwest of Paphos where you can also find the local Museum of Maa- Palaiokastro, where you can find the first Mycenaean Greeks settlements. The museum has a vast collection of artefacts collected from the Maa Palaiokastro Archaeological site mentioned above.

As Coral Bay is located just 12 kilometers from the town center of Paphos, you can travel to the popular historical scenes near and in Paphos such as the Archaeological Park of Katos Paphos, which is one of the most important archaeological sites in Cyprus. Is presents monuments and scenes with intricate mosaic floors from the 4th century BC to the Middle Ages, with most of the remains dating from the time of Roman Rule.

About 10 kilometers north of Paphos, search for the monk within you when you visit the Agios Neophytos Monastery, located in the village of Tala, an area surrounded by trees and stunning vegetation. This site is where Agios Neophytos carved himself the natural cave into a holy retreat, including a church and the saint’s room, where he also carved his own tomb. After becoming a priest, monks migrated there, and it became a community lead by Agios rules. The small chapel is the only thing left from the original monastery today, and only a few monks reside in the monastery which became a museum showcasing many religious artefacts like manuscripts, books, tools, jewelry, and original pottery. If you book your holiday in January, you can find the two-day religious fair, where art pieces and local good are for sale by the monastery.

Also located just on the outskirts of Paphos, you can visit the Tombs of the Kings, a famous site where the higher administrative officer and other important personalities as well as their families were buried. It consists of an underground atrium carved into natural rock. A must if you are searching for historical views.