No place like home

Your home from home

Every time we find a new villa, we start the challenging and fun process of finding what is truly unique for each property. And how to get it up to the luxury standards that we wish to offer. Our starting point: there’s no place like home. Where is the best place to put the pergola and the hot tub? Where is extra shade needed? How many seating places do we offer in each room? How about the sunset: can we make that special place where our guests can have a glass of wine while waiting for the sky to turn red and gold? Where is the best place to put the bed in each room?

We start by planning the area, paying special attention to space and natural light. Next step is to handpick pieces of furniture, trying to establish that feeling of a home away from home. It has to be stylish yet cosy, elegant and appealing to everybody. Good quality and easy to maintain are also fundamentals we have to think about.

Finally, we finish by adding that special final touch. Like adding art and prints on the walls, decorative details and cute cushions – by adding a female touch to it if you like. We also make sure that the gardens are lush and green. Both a pleasure to look at and spend time in.

It takes lots of work turn an empty house shell into a luxury villa, but we truly give everything we’ve got to make this a real retreat. It is a fun and rewarding job though. Because at the end of the day we are making our guests happy.

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