Paphos Weather – Sunny Side Up

The weather in Paphos

So Paphos enjoys cooler summers and warmer winters than the rest of Aphrodite’s Isle. But have no fear. That does not mean you’re in for the cold shoulder. The cultic home of the Goddess perches on the west coast of Cyprus. So when it’s a baking hot 37°C inland in the summer. Paphos weather then enjoys the cooling sea breeze off the sea. And when temps are lowest in winter. Then the Goddess of Love smiles upon Paphos. She sends her warmth from the sea in winter. All this makes Paphos the top spot on the Isle of Love.

Paphos Weather in Spring

In Paphos weather spring means March, April, and May. Average highs are at 20°C but then rising to savoury 24°C in May. Swimming in the sea is for serious all year round bathers. But there are lots to do in Paphos’ mild spring warmth. So it’s the perfect getaway for an Easter break. Or a long weekend during your Lenten fast.

Paphos Weather in Summer

So they say only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. But the Paphos weather offers a slightly cooler summer heat. Thanks to the breeze off the Med from the west. So at the peak of summer temps are a little more forgiving up in the early thirties. While the sea is just as warm. Sea temps can range from 25 to 28°C. Perfect for beach crawlers fair weather swimmers.

Paphos Weather in Autumn

To call September autumn feels a little unfair. Because looking at the stats it’s warmer than June. The sea has had all summer to soak up the sun’s heat. Average highs are 29°C. So I’d call that summer. October is still part of the beach season with plenty of warmth and the seafront still open for business. Even November still sees highs in the early twenties.

Paphos Weather in Winter

So let’s be honest. Perhaps best not to pack your bathers. Unless you’re the kind of crazy that does year round wild swimming. But winter offers temp highs of 18-19°C. Which quite frankly sounds like summers at home. So spend mild winters in the setting for Shakespeare’s Othello. And see others struck by “the green-eyed monster”.

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