Peyia Village

Peyia Village – old meets new

Peyia Village nestles on the south-westernmost tip of Cyprus, on the steep slopes of the coastal hills inland from Coral Bay. It lies 14 km north of Paphos at the southern end of the Akamas Peninsula. The original Peyia Village was a small community of farmers, growing mainly bananas and oranges. But Peyia has grown into a Municipality. Today it’s home to a mix of many nationalities. Cypriots, expats and, of course, tourists from all around the world.

Peyia Village

Paphos is only 15 mins by road from Peyia Village, and Coral Bay is only a few minutes down the road. The village offers a large number of cafés and restaurants along its main road down to the sea. And while there’s plenty of life down in the Bay, the hillside is more tranquil and gives you a sense of life as it used to be back in the day. Countless small tavernas offer a taste of traditional Cypriot cuisine.

Old meets new

Many tourists choose to stay in Peyia to enjoy a traditional Cypriot welcome. While losing out on none of the modern conveniences to which they are accustomed. Whether you join the older Cypriot men enjoying backgammon and coffee in the kafenes. Or visit a trendy wine bar, like The Mill in the centre of the village, Peyia has something for everyone.


Restaurant La Vigna
Sentido Ambrosio
Peyia Greek food
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