Support FAQ


Please be mindful that we are a small company and working harder than ever to handle the chaos caused to our industry by Covid-19. We are not a hotel and cannot offer the same level of service you get in a hotel, our villas are spread out over a wide radius.  Our villas are self-catered and we do not operate a concierge service (either)

We kindly ask for your patience and for you to try to fix the problem yourself before contacting our support team,  most of the common issues are listed and explained below and should solve your problems.

Gardens and gardening

There is a fixed schedule for gardening. We do this weekly in most villas. We are a small team and the gardening must be completed to maintain its beauty.

We do our best to Minimise disturbance to our guests, but we are unable to change schedules for gardening as it creates chaos with the rest of the management operation.


These are cleaned, tested and chemically treated twice per week.

We try to come very early (the team starts at 5 am) so as not to disturb you.

Your pool will get dirty during the duration of your stay despite us cleaning it.

We can come and do extra cleans at a charge of 50 euro. Or you can net it yourself with the net provided.

WiFi and tv

WiFi code and password are located on the back of the router or the top of the router. There is also often a sticker on the tv with a number to call if the internet is offline.

If we attend to fix the internet and there is nothing wrong with it you may be charged a 50 euro call out fee.

Laundry and housekeeping

As our villas are self-catered and we provide a washing machine and airer, Extra Landry and cleaning is available but is a chargeable extra please email [email protected] with requests and we will get right back to you.

Directions and finding the villa

We provided extensive and detailed information with regards to finding and accessing your villa firstly on your paid up booking confirmation and in the welcome email and several reminders before you arrived.

For call outs and calls to assist you in finding your villa, there is a 50 euro charge.

In the unlikely event that none of the above fixed your problem then please do not contact us by phone, SMS or WhatsApp. We are inundated with calls and enquiries.  

The FASTEST way to get assistance is to email [email protected].  This will create a support ticket for you and we will respond promptly. 

Thanks for your help and consideration in these challenging times.