Thalassa Museum

Thalassa Museum

Explore the THALASSA Museum! Founded in August 2005, it’s a one-of-a-kind collaboration between the Pierides Foundation, the Hellenic Institute for Nautical Tradition, and the Tornaritis-Pierides Marine Life Foundation.

Located in the heart of Agia Napa, THALASSA is a unique tribute to the sea. It’s the first museum in the entire Mediterranean dedicated to the sea’s profound impact on Cyprus, showcasing history from the paleontological period to the present day.

The three-story museum is a sensory experience. Built with marble, onyx, wood, and metal, it offers a captivating “bird’s-eye view” across seven levels. Head underground to see paleontological, geological, archaeological, and marine life exhibits. Modern displays let you observe from above or get up close with artifacts.

THALASSA isn’t just exhibits. This contemporary complex also boasts a welcoming cafeteria, a gift shop, an open-air amphitheater, and a versatile multipurpose hall. These spaces host exciting events like shows, lectures, seminars, and workshops.

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