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Our Luxury Villas in Polis & surrounding areas

Polis and the surrounding areas of Argaka, Pomos, Prodromi, Ayia Marina  & Latchi are fast becoming a firm favourite for our Cyprus Villa Retreats guests!  Just 40 minutes outside of Paphos, there is a wonderful mix of town and country life.  Here you will find everything you need without going into the big city – restaurants, supermarkets and shops, plus so much to do for the great outdoors.

On the west side of town you will find Prodromi and Latchi.  Latchi is one of the busy fishing ports and water recreation is king here!  Home of Latchi Watersports and several other options, the sea is your playground.  Trips to the Blue Lagoon, boat hire, fishing trips and of course restaurants with the catches of the day – can’t get any fresher than that!

On the north side of Polis you can visit Argaka, a beautiful beachside village.  Several restaurants along the main road have seaside seating, and gorgeous sunsets to enjoy from there.  Take your pick from traditional Cypriot fare, British pubs and of course New Mediterranean cuisine.  Quiet sandy beaches are visited by the local turtle population, they come to lay their eggs in May and June and are protected through the summer.  Late summer brings turtle hatchings which can be quite a sight!  Prefer trees and hills?  Argaka Dam and Reservoir is a lovely area to picnic and do a bit of hiking.

A little further on you can visit the quiet and serene villages of Ayia Marina and Pomos.  Fantastic for quiet  relaxing visits, more delicious, fresh traditional food and local hospitality like none other.  Just a hop, skip and jump to visit the beautiful forests that lie between the coast and Nicosia.  Amazing on 4 wheels, even better on 2!  Explore the history and abandoned buildings near the borders.

All of our Cyprus holiday villas are rated individually on various criteria to help you find the perfect place for your sun filled vacation. Visit our rating and ranking page to find out more.

Rent a luxury villa in the stunning region of Polis and surrounding areas and create memories that will last forever!

  • 5 Bedrooms


    Villa Alkontera

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    Villa Alkontera is a fabulous 5 bed villa situated in a quiet residential street in Polis – with its private pool and outdoor dining facilities it’s the perfect place to enjoy the glorious Cyprus sunshine! Shops & restaurants are within walking distance and the beach is less than a 5 minute drive.

  • 5 Bedrooms


    Villa Angel

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    Villa Angel is a stunning 5 bed, 5.5 bath villa in the gorgeous area of Argaka. Beautifully finished to a very high standard set in a small private estate in secured gated grounds. Sleeps up to 10 guests.

  • 8 Bedrooms


    Villa Arrissos

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    Villa Arrissos is a magnificent villa close to the sea, with its private pool and landscaped garden it’s the perfect vacation!

  • 4 Bedrooms


    Villa Emily

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    Villa Emily is a fabulous 4 bed villa in the gorgeous area of Argaka. Set in a small private estate in secured gated grounds with wonderful landscaped gardens and pool area. Sleeps up to 8 guests.

  • 3 Bedrooms


    Villa Harbour View

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    Villa Harbour View is a fabulous 3 bedroom villa offering amazing views of the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea that cannot be beaten.

  • 3 Bedrooms


    Villa Savvas

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    Villa Savvas a delightful 3 bedroom villa in Argaka, with private pool & beautiful views!

  • 5 Bedrooms


    Villa Suzi

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    Villa Suzi is a wonderfully rustic 5 bed, in the gorgeous rural area of Miliou. This idyllic villa takes you back to nature sitting amidst orange and olive groves as well as a lush tree garden. This spacious, character property is ideal for those looking for privacy, peace and quiet, surrounded by nature and beautiful views. Sleeps up to 10 guests.

Fall in love with Paphos

Where the mythical greek goddess of love and beauty was born

This stunning coastal holiday location will take a special place in your heart. Being one of the most popular destinations in Cyprus, Paphos offers countless activities for every style of holiday you wish to have.  You cannot talk about Paphos and not mention the beauty goddess Aphrodite and the Aphrodite’s rock, where she rose from the clear blue waves between the rocks as legends state. This remarkable spot attracts all year-round tourists so do not forget to bring your camera and snap the panoramic views Paphos has to offer. After visiting Aphrodite’s Rock, make sure to swim in the pools at the beach, where you will be able to sun soak and enjoy a calm beach day with your family.  Arriving at the beach is easy, simply take the small path below the road and it will lead you to both the beach and the rock.

From the Baths of Aphrodite, we encourage you to rent a car and take a quick drive to the Blue Lagoon, which is to be considered one of the most popular attractions to see in Paphos. One of the most crystal-clear waters in Cyprus, the Blue Lagoon coastline will be the most beautiful view and beach you will experience. There are also shuttle services you can book if you are travelling with your family or a larger group, however the path to the Lagoon is somewhat adventurous as it is a dirt and bumpy road, but a must when visiting Paphos.

Get in contact with your archaeological side

Immerse yourself in local history

Besides breathtaking views and beaches, Paphos has so much more to offer. If you are interested in the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, which is a great location to take your family and explore the historical ruins from the Middle Ages to the Roman Empire ages, where time does not seem to go by with its local and original remains of building, mosaics, statues, and murals. Within the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, you will find the ancient Egyptian inspired Tomb of the Kings. This is where, during the Hellenistic and Roman period, the remains of the high officials of Cyprus were buried, with underground chambers that were hand carved in the rocks, to duplicate their houses to continue with their essence of living. Even though the name suggests, there are no Kings that were buried in the Tomb of Kings, however it is still a magical place to visit and feel the history flowing around you.

A destination untouched by the modern world

An unforgettable hike with a great reward

For those adventure seeking holiday makers, bring your hiking shoes and dare yourself through a three-kilometer gorge hike in the Akamas Peninsula of Paphos. There you will find the impressive Avakas Gorge, which consists of tall rock formations that can go up as high as 30m tall, which are the results of years of limestone erosion due to continuously rapid waters. Even though the hike itself can be slippery and wet due to the waters, it is definitely a must when travelling through Paphos as there is no other place like this around. You will experience the beauty of the local flora and fauna and you might even be lucky enough to spot wild animals such as foxes, falcons, hares, owls, fruit bats and reptiles. This is considered to be a difficult hike therefore not entirely advisable to bring small children. You should also bring plenty of water as you may be under the sun for most of the hike.

Where life meets beach

A once in a lifetime opportunity to see the beginning of life at its best form

Do travel south from Akamas Peninsula to experience places you could only dream of, which is where you can find Lara Beach. This secluded paradise is an area protected as it where green turtle eggs hatch and if you are lucky, you can spot the tiny baby turtles on their way to the ocean. Because of this little nature miracle, is it not allowed to rise sun umbrellas at the beach, therefore there are not many shaded areas, which can make it quite hot, especially during summer. But fortunately, this private beach offers clear blue waters and soft sand for a great sun soaking beach day with the family. Bring food and drinks along as well, as the path to Lara Beach requires an off-road vehicle and there are no restaurants beach front. However, make sure to bring your rubbish with you on the way back, this way this little piece of paradise will continue to be the home for turtles for a long time.

Spice it up with a scenery change

Paphos has more to offer than just beaches and archaeological sites

If you are looking for other locations to bring your family that does not include soft sand, clear waters, and blazing sun, take a drive to the Troodos Mountains, where you can explore the mountain villages, local food, and cooler temperatures. This is the largest range of mountains on the island which includes the highest peak mountain – Mount Olympus. Most villages are located at the foot of the mountain and as you go higher up, the pine tree forests soon become covered in snow, where you can do most winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. There is only one mountain ski resort in the Troodos Mountains called Ski Cyprus, offering ski trails ranging from beginners to experiences skiers.

Visit one of the most popular and tourist friendly villages in the Troodos Mountain area called Omodos, located at the bottom of the mountains with incredible views of the surrounding wineries with a population of only 300 habitants. Take a tour through this charming village where you can buy local produce and crafts and you can buy locally made wine in which almost every habitant produces their own. A great day time experience around these villages is to take on a wine tasting tour with your friends and family.

The Troodos National Park covers an area of 45% of the mountain range, making it one of the best holiday destinations to hike and immerse into scenic nature views, where you can experience opportunities to spot endangered wildlife, rare plants, stunning waterfall views and villas all around.

Through these tiny villages around Paphos, you can find various local cuisine establishments, where most of the tastiest food in Cyprus comes from this area. The traditional food will warm your heart and fill your stomach.

Enjoy family holidays with great ease

Paphos is also kid friendly, with many attractions made to entertain the little ones

Besides laying at the beach and exploring nature parks, Paphos also offers daytime experiences for every age. During hot summer days, a quick trip to the largest water park in this area of Cyprus, the Aphrodite Water Park will refresh your holidays. Ride along through its 17 attractions that were made for all ages ranging from toddlers to teens. The Aphrodite Water Park includes attractions for the adrenaline junkies with high-speed plunges and tube races. And if you are simply looking into relax and having some space for your own, take a slow ride through the Lazy River, floating your worries away.

If you want to get away from the water for a while, do not miss out the Paphos Zoo, where your family can interact with various animals such as Asian Elephants, feeding Giraffes and Lemurs and the best of all is that none of these interactions and experiences need to be booked before, simply show up and have a great time meeting snakes, lizards, crocodiles, tigers, lions and many more. An absolute must when booking your trip to Paphos.