Heated Pool & Hot Tub


Every one of our villas comes equipped with a private pool for our guests to relax in but many of our villas offer the option to have the pool heated and hot tub, which means that whatever the weather you can enjoy your own slice of heaven.

We love spending days exploring or hanging out by the beach knowing that at the end of that perfect day there is a warm and inviting pool or hot tub waiting.


There is an additional charge for a heated pool and not every villa’s private pool has the option to add this – so please check with the reservations team when you are booking.

Having your pool heated means that whatever the temperature you can enjoy a dip whenever you want!


Whether you are looking for relaxation or fun – the hot tub is the place to be!

Kids (and big kids) love splashing about in the illuminated bubbles and weary travellers love relaxing with a glass of something cool whilst enjoying their favourite music through the hot tubs built-in Bluetooth speakers. For an extra dose of peace we suggest a warm night of reclining back in a relaxing hot tub to take in the incredible starry Mediterranean night sky. Bliss! Check out ‘Hot Tub Benefits‘.

You do not need to do anything with the hot tub yourself as clean water has been introduced, filters changed, and chemicals added. We do use chlorine in our tubs so if any of the guests have any allergies to this please let us know as soon as possible as we may be able to change it.

Our Engineers service and routinely maintain our hot tubs twice a week and so you may get a visit your stay. It does not matter if you are physically present when they call as they do not need access to the villa at all. They will always be polite and try not to disturb your holiday too much.

Hot Tubs are super easy to use and easy to maintain, you just need to follow a few simple rules:

Do not – Eat in the Hot Tub (debris will colour the water and block the filters)
Do not – Sit in 40-degree water for more than 15-20 minutes at any time
Do not – Use the hot tub if you are pregnant (unless you have consulted with a medical professional)
Do not – Wear lotions, sun creams or make up in the hot tub

Do – Supervise children in the hot tub
Do – Shower before getting into the hot tub
Do – Be careful getting in and out of the tub
Do – Exit the tub if you feel unwell or faint at any point
Do – Always put the lid back on when finished to retain the heat
Do – Have fun!