Why not make your stay an extra special one and consider the brand new jacuzzi/spa with massage jets – introducing our versatile all-season jacuzzis, perfect for holiday villa guests!  Enjoy a steamy soak in the winter, melting away stress, while promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.  In the summer, bask in the refreshing cool waters, soothing sun-kissed skin and revitalizing your body.  Experience luxurious hydrotherapy at its finest, with adjustable jet settings and an ergonomic design for ultimate comfort.  Elevate your holiday villa experience with this indulgent retreat, tailored for year-round satisfaction!


There is an additional charge for a jacuzzi/spa and not every villa has the option to add this – so please check with the reservations team when you are booking.


Whether you are looking for relaxation or fun – the jacuzzi/spa is the place to be!

For an extra dose of peace we suggest a warm night of reclining back in a relaxing jacuzzi/spa with massage jets to take in the incredible starry Mediterranean night sky. Bliss! Check out ‘Jacuzzi/Spa Benefits‘.

You do not need to do anything with the jacuzzi/spa yourself as clean water has been introduced, filters changed, and chemicals added. We do use chlorine in our tubs so if any of the guests have any allergies to this please let us know as soon as possible as we may be able to change it.

Our Engineers service and routinely maintain our jacuzzi/spas twice a week and so you may get a visit during your stay.  It does not matter if you are physically present when they call as they do not need access to the villa at all.  They will always be polite and try not to disturb your holiday too much.

Jacuzzi/spas are super easy to use and easy to maintain, you just need to follow a few simple safety rules:

–  Suds up before you dip. Shower first, so we can all enjoy the jacuzzi without any unwanted surprises.
–  Please stick to the recommended temperature and avoid a steamy situation.
–  Baby on board? Check with your doc first.
–  Hearts and health matter! If you have any serious conditions, get your doctor’s OK before hopping in.
–  No ouchies allowed. Skip the jacuzzi if you have any infections or sores – we don’t want to spread any germs.
–  No slips allowed. Enter and exit slowly, so you don’t take a dive and ruin the mood.
–  Respect other jacuzzi lovers and keep noise levels low.
–  Glass and jacuzzis don’t mix, plastic does the trick.
–  Sober soak only. Booze and drugs don’t mix with bubbles and heat, keep it safe for all.
–  Keep it clean, folks. Toss trash and personal items in the bin, so we can all enjoy a tidy jacuzzi.
–  If there’s an issue, let the staff know right away, so we can keep the good times rolling.