How to choose your holiday villa Cyprus Paphos part 1

Holiday Villa Cyprus Paphos

January is when our thoughts turn to much missed sunshine. Because that’s also when the hunt for the ultimate space for your hols starts. If you are heading to Cyprus then Paphos is worth serious thought. But how do you find the villa for you? And with Paphos as European Capital of Culture this year. Well, you’ll need to move pretty sharpish. So I’ve put together a few pointers to see you right for the holiday season. Get ready because here it comes. How to choose your holiday villa Cyprus Paphos part 1. Boom!

Location, location, location

Of course there are lots of factors in finding your perfect villa. But I have to go with an age old adage. Location, location, location. Because where it’s at. Well, that’s where it’s at. But seriously, there are lots of lovely properties in Cyprus. And Paphos holds many of them. But you need to balance the needs of your group. Up in the hills will give you a serious sunrise and sundown. And of course sea views. But we’re not all recluses. You might like to be in the thick of it. This year it’s Pafos 2017. So an living gin town mean extra hustle and bustle. Which can be both a good and a bad thing.

The personal touch

But that’s not all you need to consider. In these days of digital media we all look for a little more than stock hols. We want individual experiences. And we want people who really care about their business. So look for the personal touch. We all like to feel special. It’s what holidays are for. So service matters. Because you cannot buy good service. I really do believe that. So speak to your hosts and get a clear feel for who they are and what they believe in.

So happy hunting! I’ll be back with more words of wisdom. See you in Pafos 2017!