Luxury Holiday Villas Cyprus

Luxury Holiday Villas Cyprus – Pitfalls

Well, my dear Blog-dience! As February marches on toward Valentine’s Day. And my personal favourite, Pancake Day. Mmm, Pancake Day. And perhaps more importantly Spring half term and Easter. Which mean school holidays! Yay! It’s time to think about some of the common pitfalls of booking the luxury holiday villas Cyprus has to offer. And I guess you could say this sage advice applies just about anywhere. But think positive. These are things to help you focus your search. And help find that perfect getaway.


The Owner

So here’s the thing. Third party sites offer protection. And the promise of their reputation. But we all know that you can get the real deal direct from owners. It might be a one-off property. Or a small business developed by a handful of happy fanatics. People who fell in love with the Mediterranean lifestyle and climate. But don’t worry. Help is always at hand. Pay careful attention to who you’re dealing with. And the rest will follow. Check out how long a business has been running. Or if it’s registered to a third party site then how long it has been on there. Moreover, there should be reviews. It’s one of the best ways both guests and owners communicate. It’s a chance to shine. I myself rent out property in Scandinavia. And the one thing both guests and hosts want is dialogue. If you know who you’re dealing with then you’re not far off the mark. So talk to your hosts on the phone, via email or whatever means you have.

The Property

Another worry is whether of all the luxury holiday villas Cyprus boasts, yours really hits the mark. My first tip is to get on Google! Their street views should quickly give you a clear indication of the property, the location and the condition it’s in. Of course, guest reviews can often offer independent confirmation. I keep an open forum for one of my properties and encourage guests to post non-incriminating pics of their time as my guest. Of course, the owner will want to present the property at its best. I find that within ten minutes of me and my clan arriving we’ve turned a dream palace into a building site. So real photos from family hols can be more than a tad enlightening. But those reviews are also often very telling. Just take into account that some people always complain. It can even be a tactic to try and get a discount. But you should see the average review. And the more there are, the more reliable the info is.

The Payment

Finally, the money is always a clear marker. Use a credit card so you can always turn to VISA or similar for help if things get a little ugly. Of course, most hosts do need to ensure their properties are filled and therefore need advance payment. This is only fair. Just make sure you make payment through a credit card. There are fraudsters out there. But if you’ve followed the advice above and got to know both property and owner, you should be in safe hands.

Luxury Holiday Villas Cyprus

So get out there and get that dream hideaway. The sky’s the limit since the sharing economy opened up a new world of person-to-person rentals. Which is a good thing. Because commercial companies are having to match their often super competitive prices. Which is good news for the little guy. Yay! Well, that’s me blogging off. Good bye!

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