Booking Terms & Conditions

a) These booking terms and conditions (Terms) form the basis of your contract with Cyprus Villa Retreats. Please ensure that you read the Terms carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations.
b) These Terms, as amended from time to time, apply to all bookings including those made by telephone, fax, e-mail, online, in writing or by any other means.
c) These Terms will become binding on you, and you will be deemed to have accepted these terms on behalf of any other persons detailed on the booking, on the earliest of:
(1) you paying us a deposit;
(2) you making full payment of the cost of your villa; or
(3) we send to you, via e-mail or post, a booking confirmation that confirms the details of your booking.

1) Payments can be made by Bank transfer +  debit or credit card.
2) A booking Admin fee of 3.5% applies to all bookings.
3) A non refundable deposit of 20% of the total booking fee is required to guarantee your reservation for the property. So for example, if £1,000 is the total cost then £200, or 20%, is due to guarantee the reservation. The remaining balance of the total booking fee is due  90 days (cleared funds, please allow 7 working days for funds processing) prior to the start of the rental period or immediately if the booking is made less than 97 days before the start of the rental period. In most cases, we will simply auto charge your designated credit card on the due date to reduce the admin for you. Should the payment fail we will send you reminders with a pay now link for your added convenience.

We will do our best to assist with any reasonable changes or cancellation requests made wherever possible. Cancellation requests must be made via email to [email protected].  Please refer to your booking confirmation for the applicable policy for your booking:

SELECT Cancellation Policy:
– You may cancel your booking up to 60 days before your arrival date, however 20% of the booking cost is non refundable. (Please note that any booking fees paid are always non refundable as these are paid to the payment processor).

-Fresh linen, fresh bath and hand towels, beach towels
-Internet, internet TV with popular British on demand services
-Water and electricity*, Air conditioning

We kindly remind all guests that our property maintains a strict no pets and no smoking policy. Adherence to this policy is mandatory to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests. Failure to comply will result in a fine of £500.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Free Parking is available at the property.

The property is looked after with the best possible care by our partnered professional property management team. We ask for your understanding that the property is built up from thousands of different elements / items, and that it can happen that during your stay you notice that one of these elements / items of the property need to be replaced or repaired.

In case of a problem, replacements or repairs, you can reach our hospitality team via [email protected]

For any emergencies you can call day and night the property management emergency phone number which will be supplied to you prior to your arrival.

If for any reason your request is not replied to within 24 hours of your initial contact with one of our partnered team members or via the above two options, then please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call us on our office line 00 44 20 8123 1050 (we are open 7 days a week) to enable us to address any issue that needs our attention.

The property will be professionally cleaned prior to your arrival and after your departure. To ensure a pleasant stay for all our guests, we kindly ask that you leave the property in good condition. Specifically, please remove all rubbish from the property, empty the fridge, wash all dishes, cups, and glasses, and return them to the kitchen cupboards. Additionally, please leave any used laundry in a pile.  Furthermore, cleaning services are provided six days per week, and towels and linen will be changed every three days, all at no extra cost.
We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the property.

We will always do our very best to help with these, especially if they are made well in advance of your stay with us. Please email [email protected] with any requests.

The standard security deposit of £250 is not required.

We expect you and your party to take the best possible care of the villa and all the items in the villa.

You and your party are responsible for all damage and loss to the villa and its contents during your stay. If you or any member of your party cause any damage to the villa or any item in it or on its premises, you and/or your party are required to pay for the loss and/or damage caused to the fullest extent and in this event we will hold you and each member of your party jointly and individually responsible.

Anything damaged, spoilt or broken will be charged to you at the replacement cost. This means the actual costs to buy the item, sourcing the item and installing the item (where applicable) Any items having to be purchased will be replaced ‘like for like’ to the same quality and standard.

You agree to pay our invoice for such additional damage or replacement costs before you leave the property. And when the damage is discovered after you leave, within 14 days of the invoice being sent to you.

No parties are allowed at the villa and the number of guests at a villa can never exceed the number of guests booked for that specific villa without written consent from Cyprus Villa Retreats. In case the number of guests exceeds the number of guests booked for the villa without written consent and in case of any disturbance and or any complaints due to excessive noise, and if any disturbance / noise continues, you can be removed from the villa without any right of a refund or reimbursement for the remainder of your stay and without the obligation for Cyprus Villa Retreats to find any alternative accommodation for you and your guests.

Please be advised that in Cyprus you can not throw any toilet paper or waste in the toilets, and that toilet paper and waste should be thrown in the bins provided next to the toilets. You and your party are responsible for any unblocking charges, damages or breakage of toilets, toilet drains or toilet pumps caused by throwing toilet paper or other items in the toilet.

Please be advised that guests are not allowed to alter any of the (mechanical) parts (like pumps, valves, drains etc), the water- and the electricity supply to and from the pool and the hot tub. You and your party are responsible for any charges, damages or breakage of the pool and the hot tub and any related parts by altering these systems. For any defects please call day and night the property management emergency phone number which will be supplied to you prior to your arrival.

Cyprus Villa Retreats has the right to enter the premises of the villa and the villa itself at any time to be able to check upon any of the above mentioned items.

Your accommodation is booked exclusively for the number of persons agreed upon and stated in your reservation. Please email [email protected] if you would like to add any additional guests. In accordance with our insurance policies and fire and safety regulations in Cyprus it’s mandatory for us to know the names of people staying or visiting the property. *N.B. Additional fees may apply for any guests not included in your reservation.

No liability shall be attached to Cyprus Villa Retreats or any representative of the company in respect of any loss or damage, injury or illness suffered by the party leader or any person occupying the property booked by you. We advise all guests to have adequate travel and health insurance. All baggage and articles retained at the property are kept there at the guest’s risk.

The property is available from 3.00 pm on the day of arrival until 11.00 am on the day of departure. Please adhere strictly to these times to allow us to get the property ready for the next guests. If you require special arrangements to be made regarding times of arrival or departure, please ask ahead of your arrival and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note there is an additional charge for late checkouts/early check-ins. If you have not arranged a late checkout in advance please email the local team on [email protected] to see if this is possible or tick the ‘Late Checkout’ option when you complete guest registration.

A set of keys will be supplied to you on your arrival. These keys must be returned to the designated area upon check-out. Please note that a £150 lock change fee will apply if the keys are not returned. Thank you for your cooperation.

For your safety, some properties may be equipped with CCTV cameras. If present, these cameras are installed outside to monitor areas such as entrances, pathways, and parking areas. Please note that interior spaces are not under surveillance, ensuring your privacy. Recorded footage is kept confidential and used solely for security purposes, in compliance with privacy laws. By staying at the property, you acknowledge and accept the potential presence of CCTV as part of our terms and conditions.

Please note that it is your responsibility to arrange appropriate comprehensive travel insurance to cover risks including, but not limited to, medical treatment, accidents, repatriations and holiday cancellation/curtailment.

We therefore strongly recommend that the party leader and all members of his/her party have adequate travel/health insurance to provide cover for both themselves and their belongings during the rental period, as you would on any vacation. We will not be held liable for any act, neglect or default on the part of any person nor any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience whether to person or property which the party leader or any member of the traveling party may suffer or incur arising out of or in any way connected with the letting or resulting from any other cause whatsoever.

Electricity is very expensive in Cyprus, and past incidents have led to increased rates. We kindly ask you to be mindful of your electricity usage, especially with air conditioning. Running AC units continuously can result in high bills. Please limit the use of electrical items to no more than two or three at a time, as Cypriot standards may differ. Thank you for helping with costs and reducing environmental impact.

If your property includes a pool/hot tub, please adhere to standard health and safety rules. For pools and hot tubs with insulated covers, ensure the cover remains on when not in use to prevent temperature drops and insect attraction. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please be advised that certain items of the villa seen in the villa-pictures (like furniture, games, fittings etc) can change over time due to necessary replacement (to maintain our high standards / quality) by a different item or by removal due to breakage or maintenance of the specific item. We will always do our utmost to replace the broken or damaged item for the same or similar item, but are dependent on stock and availability on an island like Cyprus and cannot guarantee the item will be the same OR will be available during your holiday.

Customers are not permitted to move any furniture or equipment without prior consent of Cyprus Villa Retreats or the property owner. In the event of such permission being granted, it is the customers’ responsibility to return the same to its original location before checkout. Under no circumstances should any furniture or other items, made for use inside the property, be moved outside.

In the event that the property becomes unavailable (due to mechanical or constructional problems, an overbooking or dispute with the villa owner or authorities) we will endeavour to find you alternative accommodation within our portfolio of luxury properties, IF an alternative property is not available, you will be offered a full refund. Any refund is restricted to the villa hire costs and we cannot be held liable for any cancellation or administrative charges for travel arrangements etc.

Should you encounter any problems or issues whilst staying as our guest, as a condition of the contract entered into with Cyprus Villa Retreats, you are required to report any complaints directly to a CVR Representative and follow up in writing by email at [email protected] as soon as the problem occurs.  Cyprus Villa Retreats shall be provided the opportunity to investigate and remedy any such problems during your stay and a reasonable time-frame will be granted to take account of local environs relating to materials/labour availability and regional hours of business.  Complaints made only after departure will not be deemed acceptable and no communication, verbal or written, will be entered into.

We regret we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by ’force majeure’. In these terms and conditions of hire ‘force majeure’ means any event which we or the suppliers of the service(s) in question could not, even with due care, avoid. Such events may include but are not limited to war, threat of war, civil commotion or strife, hostilities, strikes or other industrial disputes, natural disasters, fire, acts of God, terrorist activities, quarantine, epidemics, weather conditions, construction in the area by third parties, government action, or other events outside our control.

NB: The villa you’ve reserved might differ from the specific one you selected; however, you’ll receive an available villa that fits your chosen dates.

Further information regarding security access for keys, directions to the property, being met at the airport, car hire etc. will be sent to you after receiving final payment for your holiday three months prior to your stay. Finally, and most importantly, we wish you a wonderful holiday with us in Cyprus!

Before arrival you will receive a digital version of the Villa Handbook with all kind of information about the villa and with recommendations for things to do and places to dine. Our hospitality manager can also provide you with a digital list of our insider tips / places to go, that all come with our stamp of approval. Please feel free to reach out to our hospitality manager for any advice you like on places to go or visit our blog page.

Our very best wishes from the team at Cyprus Villa Retreats

P.S. Please don’t forget to email [email protected] with any questions or special requests.