Paphos Cyprus Old Town

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Paphos Cyprus Old Town

The centre of Old Town Paphos lies up on a hill looking down to the sea. It is worth a visit to its narrow streets for shopping, drinks or a meal. While most tourists make a beeline for Kato Paphos, holidaymakers in the know will want to head up here.

Narrow streets

At first, the Old Town might not promise much as you make your way up the busy main road. But up at the top it turns on the charm. The narrow interlacing streets of the Old Town are labyrinthine.

Adorable agora

Set aside a good few hours for a wander and some shopping. The agora or covered indoor market at its very heart offers everything from cheap souvenirs to quality local produce.

Chic boutiques

There are also some upmarket boutiques and antiquaries that are worth the visit. psi for example is a tiny shop unit selling fresh, modern takes on handmade Cypriot goods such as sandals, spinning tops and tiny trinkets.

Handicraft heaven

We also recommend Cosmos which houses a cornucopia of handicraft items, salvaged antiquaries and religious iconography. We got lost in here for a good hour, so prepare for a rummage around.

The place to be

The Place is a local art and crafts collective. They bought and renovated some old warehouses. Artists, artisans and food producers inhabit the enchanting space that is well worth a dedicated visit.

Artisans in action

They put on films and demonstrations of the artisans in action. It is great for gifts and souvenirs while sampling local produce. You can arrange a half-day visit with the kids to try all sorts of handicraft.

A shady spot

Café Grafico next to the Agora is a welcome shady spot for a drink. The whitewashed walls and mural artwork offer just the right setting for CVR guests.

Through the grapevine

But if you prefer something more traditional there’s a rustic café opposite the agora serving Cypriot coffee under the vines with sweets and treats made on the spot.

Cypriot homecooking

Laona restaurant is between Cosmos and psi. It serves traditional Cypriot homecooking in an unpretentious setting. Rabbit, Cypriot meatballs and stews feature in truly authentic dining experience.

Paphos Cyprus Old Town

We had an amazing day out in Old Town Paphos. And we think all our guests should make time for a little bit of its magical charm. We were so pleasantly surprised. I think we have a bit of a crush.