Luxury Villa in Akamas

Upcoming Luxury Villa in Akamas

We are always working hard to find those special luxury villas that tick all the boxes. Right now we are looking to add two more properties in beautiful Akamas area, Villa Sophia and Villa Mia. Another luxury villa in the Akamas from CVR. But which Luxury Villa in Akamas to choose, Sophia or Mia. Check out their specifications.

Luxury Villa in Akamas

So don’t forget to check out all the region has to offer by way of eateries. And also some of the best watering holes. You probably want to go to town and do some shopping too. There’s plenty to do to keep the whole family occupied. Or just stay home and enjoy our boutique hotel style villas with lots to do to keep everybody entertained.

The art of staying in

You might like to stay put at the villa it’s so nice. Make sure you’ve got your groceries and produce. We warmly recommend Philppos.

A sense of adventure

But you can also head out and explore. The wild Akamas are on your doorstep. So charter a boat and head out to Lara Bay to see the baby turtles.